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Av tstre - 30 maj 2011 22:16

Här är mitt bidrag till tävlingen! Selena Gomez :)



Fin kläder (ganska lik hennes på vanliga bilden iaf)



Bad       (hon har nästan en sån här bikini på riktigt)




Egen musik

Högsta önskan: Superstjärneskådespelerska (om man fick välja två skulle det vara Rockstjärna också)

Stjärntecken: Kräfta

Av tstre - 27 maj 2011 15:34

Jag är helt kär i detta spel alltså!! :D  

Afterschool Activities

♦ Public school has also been improved and you can now send your children and teens to afterschool activities.

♦ Children can attend ballet and scouting classes.
Teens have a major offer: music club, art club, newspaper club, study club, debate club, drama club, shop club and sports club.

♦ Classes help to improve skills and give special interactions. For example, scouting classes improve fishing and gardening and drama club is good for charisma. A little girl that attended ballet classes can show the new moves she learned to others.
There are also some related opportunities to fulfill.

♦ Classes can be done once a week, last 2 hours and are from 2 to 4 pm for teens and from 3 to 5 pm for children.

♦ If you go to School tab you can see Afterschool activities category with the agenda. If you want, you can sign up for more classes and do a different one every day. For example, a teen can have Music club on Monday, Shop club on Tuesday, Drama club on Wednesday and so on…

Av tstre - 27 maj 2011 14:45

Man kan ha barnvagnar och ta barnen till parken

Olika slags kalas och fester   

   Busig sim smyger ut


Gissar att hon har smygit ut ;)



Av tstre - 27 maj 2011 14:27

Jag går förbi en gamebutik nästa varje dag och ser reklam för Leva Livet! Och nu har hittat nya bilder och info som gör än så sugen på att köpa och spela det!

Om du inte vill veta läs inte då! Ursäkta men allt är på engelska, från http://simsvip.com/?p=838


* Children can ride the new spring rider playground toys – carefully supervised by an adult of course.

* Older Sims can interact with toddlers now by performing “claw” movements while in their arms. (tickling)


* In the sand box, you will see kids digging, building sandcastles, and of course, burying things (for example, their homework!). And these activities are not restricted to the sandboxes either, as you can expect to see your beaches to come alive with kids playing in the sand.

*Children can sleep outside in their backyard and tell ghost stories. (Flashlight included!)

* Stories will affect how your sim sleeps at night.

* Sims can now have Nightmares.

* Children can have sleepovers and slumber parties!

* Children can dress up and be a “King or Queen” and reign over their subjects.

* Children can now have pirate attacks in their Treehouses.  A skull and crossbones flag is hoisted above the tree house, it hisses and pops on the inside and fire and smoke emerge from the windows.

* How your Sim kids are dressed might affect how they choose to play in the treehouse. The costume chest makes a welcome return to the series, and kids act really cute when they’re dressed up. There are four costume options – dinosaur, astronaut, prince, and princess – each available in 3 colours. Depending on how your Sim is dressed, the way they walk and play will change. In fact, maybe their dino rage will make them go Godzilla on their sister’s dollhouse.

* If you ever had or played in a treehouse as a kid, you will remember that it was a spaceship, a castle, a pirate ship, a dragon’s lair, and so on. Kids in Generations can be just as imaginative, and you will actually hear some sound effects coming from the treehouse depending on what they are pretending right now

* Child sims can ‘Joyride’ on chairs. When they do this they just pretend that they are driving!

* Children can attend ballet class

* Children can now have “clubhouse” type adventure in Treehouses where they spy on neighbors through a telescope to see what others are up to!

* Now of course, in real life, you could expect some pretty serious punishments from your parents. And Sim parents just got tougher, because now the Sims is no different. Kids might get their favourite toy taken away from them, or they might get put in time out. This is really funny and cute, as your Sim kid will stand facing a wall looking really grumpy about the whole thing. They have to stay there for their entire time out, or until a parent is directed to let them off the hook.

*  Children can go on field trips now.  Field trips are really cool. It is not just a new way of going with the community as they sometimes bring special things back from these field trips and have them in their memories.

* Teens and Adults can read Children Bed Time Stories


Teens can throw parties and attend school dances.

* Mood swings are a new moodlet, which in and of themselves have no mood effect… however, during a mood swing, your teen will roll up rebellious wishes (which have purple backgrounds on the UI), which range from wanting to pull pranks, to wanting to fight with people.

* There are new kinds of parties that your Sims can have as teenagers, including wild “teen parties”. Randomly, parents of teenagers might get offered short holidays, where they will disappear from the town. And while the cat’s away…

*These teen parties can be broken up by the police, or by a parent returning early. And you can be sure that any parent returning to find the house in a state will ground their teen!

* A grounded teenager is not a happy teenager, and unhappy teenagers will stomp around the place looking hilariously annoyed at the world. Maybe they should have had a much more harmless sleepover instead.

Your teenage sims can ask their parents to teach them to drive! There are 3 levels in the driving skill and once they maximise it they will receive a certificate! When they are learning they don’t drive very well, there is a lot of stopping and starting. If they aren’t getting on very well their parent may decide to kick them out of the car to walk home! Picture of the Blue van used to teach teens to drive is here: Blu Van


* When the date for Prom approaches, your Teen sim will receive a notification invitation letting them know the time and date of Prom.

* After they receive and accept the invitation to Prom, your sim can ask another sim to accompany them to the dance.

* On the day of Prom, your teen will receive a reminder a few hours before the dance to remind them to get dressed to impress!

When the time to leave comes, your sim will be greeted outside with a fancy Limousine to take them to Prom.

* When you sim gets to Prom, he/she will strike a pose outside and have their photo taken, which will then be placed as a souvenir in their inventory.

Teens can be elected Queen/King of Prom, and if they win, will receive a special prize in their inventory.

Pictures regarding Prom can be found here:  Getting readyLimoSnapshot & Crown

* Prom is a Rabbit Hole

* They will be able to take their date and go to the prom and they’ll take their picture at the school. You can hang these pictures at home on their walls so they can remember this day and how it was like for them. Of course if they got prom king or prom queen – that’s a very special moment for them.

* Some Sims are less fortunate and can have problems at Prom ending up in a fight, being abandoned by their date or be dismissed from the dance floor.

* Sims attending the prom will have a special greeting that can be made with other Sims attending Prom.


Your sims can woo hoo in their kid’s treehouse! Careful though or they might get a splinter with a negative moodlet!!

* Adult sims can Woohoo in the shower and in Treehouses. In treehouses, you’ll see the adults climbing up in there and the tree house is shaking.  Leaves falling down off of it and birds will fly of the tree house . Pictures here:Treehouse Woohoo &  Shower Woohoo

* Adult Mid-Life Crises

* Adults can now have elaborate bachelor and bachelorette parties before marriage, which include all manner of festivities like pink limousines, sexy dancers and plenty of “nectar”.

* In addition to more elaborate weddings, brides- and grooms-to-be can have bachelor and bachelorette parties, which come complete with party dancers and/or very-special firemen or policemen.

* If your sims decide to throw a wild party. a police car may show up! But don’t be fooled as they are not real cops!  They are there to add to the parties atmosphere.

* Bachelor parties, will include hiring a female “dancer” to pop out of a wedding cake and spray the lucky bachelor with a bottle of “nectar”.

* Once your Sim is engaged, they can now choose this party type, and they are just about as true to life as the developers could get away with, while keeping the game’s ‘T’ rating. Of course, your Sim might want to ask their best friend to make a toast to kick off the festivities, then the party can continue with plenty of nectar and dancing

* Sims will often strip off at bachelor parties, so at the end of the night you end up with a bunch of men passed out on the floor in their underwear. Maybe those Sims will remember the dancers. There seems to be a variety of different outfits that the dancers at bachelor and bachelorette parties will arrive in. These include firefighters, soldiers, and police officers. There is also a new interaction which will allow you to spray other Sims with fizzy nectar. How they react depends on the Sim, of course.

* For the actual wedding ceremony, wedding arches and wedding cakes make a more than welcome return. There are a few styles of wedding arch, to help you set the perfect scene for your wedding. Of course, when you’re trying to set the perfect scene, you might want to first check that your Sim isn’t due at work, so they don’t change into their work uniform at the altar…

*  Parents have the ability to send children and teens to different boarding schools. They can choose anything from military school to the sports academy, and has plenty to choose from to give their children a proper education! This happens outside our current world.

*  Sims earn romantic reputations — if they’re running around town trying to woo every other Sim on the block, it’s going to show up and could have an impact on future attempts to get busy with other Sims.

*  During the mid-life crisis your sims have special requests. If they are selected, they must be met and can not be “un-selected”. After completion of the midlife crisis you will receive, depending on the number of satisfied requests, a positive mood. Alternatively, the midlife crisis be treated in hospital.


* When your sim is an Elder they can choose to use a cane. There are 3 canes and 2 styles of walking. One is southern gentleman style and the other is more like an old man style of walking. If they are left standing still they may start twirling their cane!

* When you reach a certain time in your life, you will really enjoy reminiscing about the good old days. This is where the video camera comes in handy. Although of course using the new video camera is not exclusive to elders, they seem to really love watching the old tapes. But you’d better be careful what you get caught doing on camera. We were told that Sims will react to certain events on film as if they are seeing them first hand, so if you cheat on your spouse, make sure you’re not being watched.

* More specifically for elders, you can choose for elders to walk with canes, which really makes the game seem more real. Elders can be friendly and cheerful, of course, but you can also get nasty bitter elders, who love nothing more than to watch the world go by… and disapprove of everything!


*  Children and teenagers can play pranks on strangers, neighbors, and even other family members.

* The Sims 3 Generations has two kinds of mischief:  Traps and Pranks in public places

* Pranks & Traps include:  booby traps, Water baloons, covering a neighbor’s house in toilet paper (or TP’ing),  Stink Juice (bombs), Flaming bag of poo, Ding Dong ditch, adding hair dye to shampoo, Throwing eggs, making the toilet explode, pouring buckets of water from the treehouse onto someone, messing with the sink to make it spray someone when they attempt to turn it on and whoopee cushions under the sofa!  You can also Tweak someone’s computer and give them a good scare!

* More pranks include

  • flood the school,
  • steal the subjects of duty,
  • disguise the mascot
  • release the frogs of the science room,
  • cover the headmaster’s office toilet paper.

* “Ninja Vanish-Potion” is used to disappear from the scene of a prank. Chemistry skill required to make the potion.

* Children & Teens can be grounded for mischief, have a timeout or have their video games banned.

* Pranks can contribute to your teen’s social standing and will actually let you build up a reputation as a master prankster and local legend to the other kids at school.

Boarding School:

This EP does not bring with it all the detail of the University EP from Sims 2 but it does allow your Sim kids to get out of the house more to enhance their learning. Boarding Schools offer a unique educational experience for Child and Teen Sims if their parents are willing to take on the tuition costs. There are 5 styles available, each of which train students in different skills and advocate certain traits. They are:

Fort Starch Military School:        §800 per child
School of Peace and Love:         §800 per child
Dribbledine Sports Academy:     §1,200 per child
LeFromage Art School:              §1,200 per child
Smuggleworth Prep School        §1,600 per child

The kids also get to go on field trips (if you, acting as their parents? allow them to). They can be kicked out of school for poor performance but once graduated will leave with additional life skills which will certainly help them progress in later life.

One of the most memorable events of a Sim Teen’s life is attending Prom. Teen Sims get an invite with the time and date of their school’s annual dance. They could go Stag but they might be invited by a friend to go as a date, or they could ask a secret crush to the Prom. Once at the Prom they can tear up the dance floor or even reign as Prom King or Queen. Sims elected to the Prom Court receive a special object in their inventories.

Features for all or some Age groups: (if any of these are miscategorized, please let me know!)

* Sims keep memories, so you can go back and review your Sims’ milestones when you feel like reminiscing. Memories of significant life moments will be recorded in their Scrapbook.

* Pillow Fights have returned!

* Sims can now have Dates. Picture here:  Dating

* Not only can your Sims record home videos of their children growing up, but they can take the Data Discs out of the camera and replay their home movies on most of the in-game TV screens!

* Sims can view the world from the video’s perspective while they record events around them.

* Sims are now able to record home movies, or even tape unsuspecting victims to use the footage as evidence (blackmail)

* Sims now have the ability to gift flowers and boxed gifts.

* Sims will now be able to stargaze from the ground.

* Hopscotch

* Sims can toast each other and spray each other with “sparkling nectar.”

* Cheek Pinching

New Traits/Skills

* Nurturing

* Rebellious

* These traits are not specific to any one life phase in the game, but they’ll provide different benefits to Sims throughout their lifespan!

* Sims with the new rebellious character trait get a mood boost when they pull off a prank on another Sim

* As of now we do not know of any new “exact” skills such as cooking that can be improved, but making potions with the chemistry set is something to improve on.


* Day Care profession

* Parents can take their children to Day Care at a specific time, which is an at-home daycare. How many children will your Sim be able to handle? An additional challenge is that children with rebellious ways might anger you with their antics.  Having the “Nurturing” trait is a plus for this job.

*  Sims have this new “Nurturing” trait. Sims with this new trait will be great in taking care of other kids; they can interact with them in a special way.  It’s a very active career. You have to guide your Sims through these experiences to help them advance. So other Sims bring by their kids and drop them off and you have to take care of them. As you progress through it, it gets more difficult – you may even have a problem child. They’re going to pull pranks and get in trouble more often. But you make sure that you take care of them like they are your own kid. And as you keep going you will have more and more children and have the ability to manage them.

* Ambitions careers have been expanded.

* Your sims can run their own daycare center. This career works in the same way as the careers in Ambitions. Parents from around the neighbourhood will drop their toddlers off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. Your general aim is to keep the children as happy as possible! Once you get to a certain level in the career you will start having children over for after school care and you will start getting ‘difficult’ children who like to misbehave!

* There are 5 stages of this profession beginning from Amateur – Experienced


* Imaginary Friends

* Only the sim with an imaginary friend can see them. Other sims will not be able to see someone else’s imaginary friend.

* You will only be able to see the imaginary creature when the sim who created it is selected.

* Using a special potion, sims can turn their imaginary friends into a “Real” sim.

* Imaginary friends can perform actions that sims can. For example if you have to tidy up the house just ask your imaginary friend to do it!

* Sims can have romantic interests with imaginary friends when they become teens. This romance can continue into adulthood.

* Interacting with an imaginary friend, fills the social bar and gap for your sims.

* After your Sims have a baby, you might randomly receive a gift of a doll in the mail for them. If your new baby bonds enough with this doll, they will start to seem “real” to them. So much so, that later in life they will become an imaginary friend.

* Cannot be created in CAS

* Interactions with your imaginary friend can only be done inside the house of origin.  Once you leave the house’s property, the friend becomes a doll in your sims inventory.

Lifetime Rewards

Hover bed – 20,000 points
Well, what do you think? It’s a bed, that hovers! Graham told us your Sims will get a special moodlet from sleeping in the hover bed, and also woohooing looks pretty funny as the bed… bounces about.

Super nanny – 25,000 points
If you work in the daycare profession, your Sim will become really good at keeping the kids in line. They become less likely to pull pranks on your watch, and generally more obedient.

Clean slate – 25,000 points
Another aspect to this EP that I haven’t actually touched upon yet is that your Sim will build up a dating reputation. If you woohoo with too many people and never call them back, well, word gets around. This lifetime reward lets you lose your dating reputation so you can start over.

Inheritance – 30,000 points
A long-lost relative dies and leaves you lots of money.

Above reproach – 35,000 points
Public displays of affection will go unnoticed by passers by if you buy this reward.

Motive mobile – 45,000 points
Didn’t get to actually try this, but someone from EA told us that it fills up your motives as you drive, so you arrive at your destination with full motive bars. Cool!

Clone voucher – 45,000 points
Redeemable at the science facility to have a child-age clone of your Sim join the family.


*   Collections   (explained below)

* We now have this new filter in buy/build mode, where you click on it and select the icon of what product you want to see. So if you bought “Generations” and you just want to see the objects from “Generations” you click that icon and that’s the only ones you will see. But it’s a dynamic system. If you have “Late Night” as well you can click both of them you will see only objects from both of those. So you can show just the objects that you want.

* Collections are NOT back. These filters are NOT like the collections we had in The Sims 2. You can only filter by EP, and store content. There are no themed collections. Nonetheless, the filters made it easy to find what was new from the catalogue. Graham confirmed that this filter will be included in the patch that is rolled out at the same time as the EP.

You can see a picture of this filter here: Content Filter

* We will now be able to Upload Screenshots and Memories to our My-Page & Facebook.

* A minor UI change, but one that will be useful if you like to switch families a lot, is that there is now a quicker button for switching families. If you have an active family, and you go onto edit town, then click another occupied lot, there is now a small button there to switch to that household.

* The system requirements are the same as in the previous expansion packs

* Players can create Custom-made memories

* “Capture This Moment” button for sharing and uploading memories.

Av tstre - 24 maj 2011 19:17

Eftersom jag bestämde mig för att sluta med Caseys så tänkte jag iaf visa lite bilder hur de växte upp osv. (Kanske bestämmer mig för att spela mer senare och göra en ny historia om någon av döttrarna någon gång)

June & Jasons nya barn blev en dotter som fick heta Alyssa.




Alyssa som småbarn & June


Så söt bild på lilla Alyssa och barn Amy!


Efter lite till fixning (hon var inte lika fin när hon fyllde tonåring) så här är Amy som tonåring.


Amy på en klubb/bar

Av tstre - 22 maj 2011 19:07

(Har blivit mycket bloggande idag)

Här är ett erbjudande från EA vid köp av Leva Livet som ni kan kolla in :)


Av tstre - 22 maj 2011 17:19

Rösta gärna i omröstningarna som dyker upp då och då! :)

Av tstre - 22 maj 2011 17:07

Var med om roliga upplevelser i livets alla åldrar med dina simmar! Börja i barndomens fantasifyllda värld och låt dig uppslukas av tonårstidens dramatiska år. Skaffa erfarenhet i vuxenlivets invecklade verklighet och skörda sedan frukterna av att ha växt upp genom varje åldersetapp. Massor av nya alternativ och aktiviteter ger dina simmars liv mer mening än någonsin, oavsett hur gamla de är. Nya fester, dramatiska livshändelser och helt nya sätt för dina simmar att uttrycka sin kreativitet. The Sims 3 Generations låter dina simmar leva livet till max!

  • Simmar i alla åldrar kan roa sig med nya aktiviteter! Barn kan hänga med sina kompisar i trädkojor. Tonåringar kan göra festliga busstreck. Vuxna kan få en medelålderskris. Och mycket mer!
  • Vare sig det är ett vilt tonårsparty när föräldrarna är borta, en studentfest eller en officiell bröllopsceremoni, så gör de nya festerna varje åldersetapp roligare!
  • Dråpliga situationer och vilda dramer uppstår efter allt från vilda svensexor till utskällningar på grund av dåliga betyg eller rykten om simmar som är otrogna mot sina äkta hälfter!
  • Simmarna kommer att gilla helt nya sätt att vara kreativa, som att mixtra med ett kemiset, göra egna filmer som de kan se på sin egen TV, eller leka astronaut, dinosaurie, prinsessa och mycket mer!

Alla de nya aktiviteterna, festerna och dramatiken är enklare än någonsin att komma ihåg och prata om med det nya minnessystemet. Det håller koll på stora ögonblick i livet och ger dig möjlighet att dela med dig av dem på Facebook eller dina simmars egen sida!


Jag tycker det låter jättekul! Ska köpa det och hoppas att det är lika kul som det låter! Ska du köpa det?






Jag kör ju på tema i mina generationer i PGC när jag döper dem? Vad ska nästa tema vara?
 The Vampire Diaries
 Gossip Girl
 Alla börjar på samma bokstav
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